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Welcome dwelling in the Capital Baiqianhui Service Hotel-type Apartments in Olympic Media Village.


The 35 stories buildings are famous to the world for receiving forein media during the period of 2008 Beijing International Olympic Games. Now,for its complete modernized installations,it becomes a ideal place for entertaining guests,birthday get-together,DIY vocational tour,commercial traveling and residing.We have received guests from all walks of life such as native general managers in business circles, performers of movies and television circles,the students from the New Oriental Techinical Ability Training School,and so on.In addition,we have received the overseas guests from Australia,England,Taiwan,Japan,South Korea,Hongkong,Germany,Canada etc.


Invoice is available,Reservation can be made about suit and flatlet(58㎡,outbig“honoured guest flatlet” with independent toilet,independent kitchen,sitting room and bedroom) after 27th July,2nd August,9th August,6th September.Please made your reservation at least 3 days in advance..If the term of your stay is over 3 days,reservation should be made more than 3 days in advance.For example,your period of stay is 10 days,the reservation should be made at least 10 days in advance.


The telephone number for Room Reservation: Email:


***The bargain sales introduce hotel-type apartments“apartments on special offer”


The minimum price is 200 yuan RMB per day;


***The bargain sales introduce hotel-type apartments“economical apartments”


The minimum price is reduced from the original 458 yuan per day,down to 300 yuan per day.


***The bargain sales introduce hotel-type apartments“Bargain Sales Apartments”


The minimum price is reduced from the original 500 yuan per day,down to 358 yuan per day.


***The bargain sales introduce hotel-type apartments“Honored Guests Flatlet”(58㎡,outbig flatlet):


1. Now pick up the phone,make the reservation of “Honored Guests Flatlet”,the first five persons who call in,enjoy our present day free policy,parking free.


2. The original minimum price is reduced from 500 yuan to 358 yuan per day.


3. The beddings and toiletries are on the level with those of five-star hotel;24 hours hot water;24 hours elevator service;whole-structure kitchen; electrolux refrigerator that is the famous brand, Haier rolling-tube washing machine,electrical rice cooker,electromagnetic stove,gas burning cooking stove,soup stewing pot,chating dish,stir-frying pot etc.


***”VIP Apartments” (2 bedrooms,1 toilet,one kitchen),luxurious and outbig


This “VIP Apartments” contains two double beds sized 1.8x2m,a standard single bed;network which can support several computers go on-line at the same time;parking free.


1. Now,pick up your phone,make the reservation of the “VIP apartments” of the Capital Baiqianhui service Hotel-type Apartments in Media village,enjoy the present day lodging free policy.The first two who call in have such priviledge,Parking free;


2. The original minimum price is reduced from 1000 yuan per day to 688 yuan per day;


3. Five-star hotel level beddings and toiletries;wooden floor board;24 hours hot water;24 hours elevator service;whole structure kitchen;breakfast maker;refrigerator,washing machine,television,electrical pressure cooker;electromagnetic stove;gas burning cooking stove;soup stewing pot;chafing dish;stir-frying pot etc.


***Bargain Sales introduce hotel-type apartments”Bargain sales apartments”


1. This brand new apartments has 3 double beds sized 1.8x2m each;2 toilets,big dinning table,1 kitchen,1 refrigerator,2 washing machines,3 air conditioners,three 29 inches televisions,the network can support several computers to go on-line at the same time;The outbig apartments can meet the requirement of a big family with many family numbers of three generations.Parking Free.


2. The original mininum 1288 yuan RMB/day is reduced to 828 yuan RMB per day.


Day-renting apartments, hour-renting apartments,month-renting apartments,2500~9880 yuan RMB per person every month;At 10% expenses in actual five-star hotel, you still can enjoy the five-star service from the Capital Baiqianhui service hotel-type apartments.In slack season,we accept 3~4months short term renting, the price is negotiated face to face.


Please take the subway line 5,you can reach the residence directly.Get off from the station”Beiyuanlubei”,Asia Games Village housing neighbourhood.Come out from the Exit A2 of the station.It take you 1~2minutes’walk to get here.After you begin your stay,you will realize vividly,after a whole day’s fatigue,how important it is to dwell in a location whose communication is so convenient.what you need is just to carry your handbag and dwell in it.Network、internal and international telephone.


The honour given by Canadian guests:http: .jpg


In the near future,any reservation of our apartments,if an extra 50 yuan RMB is paid,the one-day tour to the Great Wall is given to you as a gift.


Information in detail


Illustration of Apartments:Olympic Games Media Village is built for 2008 Beijing International Olympic Games.During that time,the foreign media resided there.Now,the Olympic Games Media Village,which is composed of a group of 35-stories buildings, becomes a housing neighbourhood in Beijing.Complete safety ensuring system,fine and meticulous plan and layout,adequate facilities,hotel-style lobby.Indoors:enlarged double bed;29 inches television,washing machine(or washing service),refregerator,air conditioner,electrical geyser etc.The electrical appliances are complete.The building faces toward the east,and faces the urban subway.There are buildings-top gardens outside the windows,which provides a broad field of vision.


The hotel-style structured layout makes the room cater for both official business and ordinary residence.The independent kitchen is convenient for the guest to be a DIY cooker.Leaving home,you can still enjoy the high-quality home-living residence.By ordinary hotel’s expense,you can enjoy the five-star reception and service.And the car service is available,but the expense is on your own.The high grade tall building group built for Olympic is more decent and dignified as compared with the ordinary settlement and outdated community residence area.


The brief account of the location


The capital Baiqianhui Hotel-type Flates is close neighbour to the Olympic Village along the subway line.It is to the north of Asia Games Village the housing neighbourhood and on the opposite side of Beiyuanjiayuan,a residential district.


Wherever you come from:the Beijing Railway Station,the Beijing Railway Western Station,the Capital Airport,the central station of long distance buses.The communication is very convenient.There are through buses and subway to get(Take Subway Line 5,get off at the “Beiyuanlubei”station,come out from Exit A2,After 1~3 minutes’walk,you reach the residence.The subway drives to your doorway!Aha!).


Wherever you go:the scenery or historical relics,like Tian’an men Square,the Forbidden City etc.It takes you a few minutes to get there by subway.As to the other places,like Beijing University,Qinghua University and the Summer Palace,the Yuanmingyuan Palace,there are also direct subway and buses,just get off at Qinghuadongluxikou Stop and get there.


Nearby Building: The Bird Nest Building and the Water Cubical Building constructed for the 2008 Beijing International Olympic Games all border on the Media Village. If you intend to travel to the Badaling section of the Great Wall,the Media Village is the nearest starting point as compared with the other places in the urban area.The communication and location of the Media Village are incomparably superior.After landing at the Capital Airport,you take the subway:After you get down from the plane,you need not get out of the airport,just take the airport quick subway directly.At the “Sanyuanqiao”station,you change to the other subway lines and get to the “Beiyuanlubei”station,come out from Exit A2,1~2 minutes’walk will bring you to the Media Village.



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